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Do you know how to find the best Tallahassee health insurance coverage? For many people, when they think of Tallahassee, Florida, they think of Florida State University. However, Tallahassee also happens to be the fastest growing city in Florida and the 133rd largest city in the United States with nearly half a million residents, and more arriving every day. With so many people living in Tallahassee, it is important to address Tallahassee health insurance and the importance of carrying the proper Tallahassee FL health care coverage.

Tallahassee Health Insurance Coverage

Florida has the highest percentage of individuals in the United States without health insurance coverage of any kind. With 21% of the population (in Tallahassee that averages to be about 94,000 people) without health care coverage, it is essential to note just how much health care costs per person in Tallahassee so that you can see how having health insurance will save you money.

In 2007, the cost per day for health care costs including hospital stay and/or doctor’s visits was $1,652 per person who received care. Imagine then, if you were to need extended medical care in the hospital. In one week's time your costs would be $11,564. This is an average cost, so if you need surgery or chemotherapy, etc. those rates are much higher.

In 2008, the average annual cost of health insurance for an individual on a group plan was $1065; a family plan was $4,412. Even with an established trend of about a 7% annual increase in Florida for the cost of health insurance, you can see the cost of health care insurance is far less than it would be to go without health insurance and be in need of any kind of even short-term medical care.

Perhaps this will help to break things down for you even further. In 2007, according to the Florida State Health Facts website, there were 131 hospital admissions per 1,000 people in Tallahassee every year. That is about 59,000 people in Tallahassee who are admitted in the hospital every year. Additionally, there were approximately 174,000 emergency room visits in Tallahassee. As you can see, costs can add up very easily when considering health care.

Types of Tallahassee Health Insurance Plans

Often times an individual will not purchase Tallahassee health insurance because they think that it is too expensive. This misconception arises when they visit an insurance website to get a quote for their health insurance. Many times, they are given a quote for the most comprehensive and most expensive insurance without even realizing that there are other options. Many people never choose to look at quotes from an HMO, PPO, or POS because they believe they can only purchase them through group plans. This is simply not true.

Tallahassee Florida health insurance of various types and price points are available to those who need it. There is health insurance available for people who find themselves temporarily out of work and health insurance designed for long-term coverage. There is also health insurance available for students. No matter who you are or what your situation might be, you will likely find a plan that fits your situation.

The most affordable plans are HMOs, PPOs and POS plans. These are plans provided by managed care companies. The basic principle of these plans is the same; however, there are some differences that often make POS and PPO plans more appealing than an HMO. All three plans have a network of doctors to choose from, typically they are very comprehensive lists as more and more doctors are accepting managed care plans in their offices. An HMO and a PPO require you to choose a primary care physician while a POS allows you to visit any doctor in the network allowing you to switch without making a phone call.

An HMO insurance plan also requires that you have an approved referral in order to see a specialist or have any kind of surgery (unless it is an emergency), and you are not allowed to visit any doctors outside of the network unless you are willing to pay for the entire cost of the visit out of pocket. PPOs and POS plans both allow you to visit a specialist without a referral. Both plans also allow you to visit a doctor outside of their network as long as you are willing to pay the difference between their approved cost of service and the actual cost of service. This cost may not vary at all or it could vary widely depending on the doctor and the services received.

All three plans have a co-pay policy, and recently Florida passed a law that managed care companies could offer plans with deductibles so that they could offer insurance that is even more affordable than before. Not all insurance companies will offer the deductible option but many will. This provides you a great way to save on your annual premiums.

Indemnity plans are another option for those who want to purchase health insurance. However, it is important to note that indemnity plans are more (often much more) expensive than managed care plans. Indemnity plans offer total flexibility, there are no networks to select from, you choose who your provider is and where you will go to see them. In order to manage costs for indemnity plans you can opt for a high deductable plan, which will reduce your premiums or place limitation on the type of coverage you will receive.

Many insurance companies offer short-term insurance and/or catastrophic insurance, which is ideal for people who are out of work. Both plans offer limited coverage but provide you with some coverage in case of an accident. Short-term insurance will cover your basic medical care and typically costs about $150 a month, however you can only carry this insurance for a limited time. Catastrophic insurance covers the very worst in medical situations and the cost varies depending on how much coverage you choose.

Do Not Ignore Your Need for Tallahassee Health Insurance

While Tallahassee is a growing area, much like the rest of Florida it is suffering from the down turn in economy. Florida has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the US at nearly 11%. It then becomes even more important to carry health insurance so that you can receive the care that you need. Last year in Florida, over two million people did not receive medical care that they needed because they could not afford a visit to their doctor or the hospital. There is no reason for you to be part of this statistic.

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With 32 insurance companies licensed in Florida to sell health insurance in Tallahassee, it may feel a bit overwhelming trying to get quotes from each company and then comparing them. While getting a quote is always a good idea, there is an easier way to go about it. Use a quote tool like ours at thet top of the page that is not associated with a specific Tallahassee health insurance company so that you can receive quotes from multiple companies at once. This allows you to compare their rates side by side and choose the most affordable Tallahassee health insurance plan. Get started comparing Tallahassee FL health insurance quotes today!

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